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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective March 23, 2019.

Cloudrun Inc, a Florida Corporation ("Cloudrun", or "We") cares about the privacy of your data. We use appropriate technical security measures to protect your data. This Privacy Policy describes privacy practices of Cloudrun's website ( and any of its subdomains. Collectively we refer to these as "websites".

What data do we collect?

Cloudrun provides multiple services that are collectively referred to as the "Services". Cloudrun collects data from individuals who visit the websites and individuals who register to use the Services. When you request to obtain recurring updates and information about the Services or registering to use the Services, we require you to provide your name and email address. When registering for the Services, you must provide billing information such as billing name, address, and credit card number ("Billing Information"). We don't explicitly store your billing information, however we do store an unidentifiable unique key that lets us access your payment method for billing purposes. Contact and Billing Information are referred to collectively as "Customer Data". Cloudrun may also collect data about your use of the websites using 3rd party analytics services ("Navigational Data"). This data may include the name and language of your browser, your IP address, and the actions you take on the websites.

Billing Information

We use Stripe for all payment processing. We do not receive, collect, or store any payment data. Stripe will use such data to manage the payments for our services. For more information please see Stripe's Privacy Policy.

Navigational Data

We may use 3rd party analytics services to collect data as you navigate the websites. We may also use cookies to make interactions with our websites easy and meaningful, for example resuming your log-in session after navigating away from the website. Unless you choose to identify yourself, either by responding to an email invite, or by registering for Cloudrun, you'll remain anonymous to us. If you disable your Web browser’s ability to accept cookies, you'll be able to navigate the websites, but you won't be able to use all of Cloudrun's functionality.

When you visit Cloudrun’s websites, we collect your IP addresses to track and aggregate non-personal data. For example, we may use IP addresses to monitor from what region and at what time of the day you access the websites. This data helps us improve the functionality and performance of the website.

How do we use this information?

We may use Customer Data to perform and improve the Services. For example, if you subscribe to email updates or register for the Services, we may use the information to contact you about your interest in the Services, or to inform you about Cloudrun, its partners, news, or events. Cloudrun uses the Billing information solely to check the financial qualifications of prospective customers and to collect payments. We may also use Navigational Data alone or in combination with Customer Data to provide personalized information about Cloudrun.

We won't share, sell, rent, or trade any of your data to advertisers or for promotional purposes. We'll disclose your information to law enforcement only if required by law, for example if we receive a court order. Unless we are legally prevented, we'll always inform you if any such requests are made.

You may request to update or delete all your personal information by emailing us at

Changes to this Policy

We may change the Privacy Policy at any time, however we'll let you know of any material changes to it by email or through our website prior to the changes taking effect.

Please email us with any questions about the Privacy Policy or our information practices at