High-definition weather prediction data for your business, research, or expedition

Cloudrun is a custom weather prediction service using WRF

Run WRF online

Cloudrun is the only WRF modeling Software-as-a-Service platform in the world, allowing you to configure and run the most popular weather prediction model right from your browser.

Custom weather prediction

You tell us your weather prediction needs, we set up a custom and recurrent modeling schedule based on your input and our modeling and meteorological know-how. The model data becomes available at predictable times, automatically.

On demand WRF runs

Use our Forecast Wizard to start or schedule runs immediately, from your browser. It allows you to run WRF online for any region in the world, no setup or supercomputer queues, dead simple.

Run WRF in the Cloud, no specialized WRF HPC hardware required.

Forecast Wizard

Forecast Wizard

The Forecast Wizard allows you to run WRF in the cloud by simply choosing a region and start and end time for your simulation. Our system takes care of everything else under the hood and creates an optimal model configuration. You can run custom weather forecasts immediately, or schedule them for later. Forecast Wizard is ideal for when you need WRF runs only once in a while, or for frequently moving regions such as for sports events and outdoor expeditions. No expertise or specialized WRF HPC hardware required.

Forecast Dashboard

Forecast Dashboard

View your WRF forecasts right in the browser, as they are running. Download output data in NetCDF or GRIB format, available the moment they're output from your custom WRF run. The Forecast Dashboard uses predictive analysis to determine when your run will complete. You can download the files from the browser, or scripted from our API server. Once complete, you can download the entire model output as a single zip file.

Forecast Scheduler

Forecast Scheduler

Schedule custom weather models to run when you need them. From time-lagged ensembles to a series of latest WRF runs in real-time, Cloudrun’s Forecast Scheduler is powerful and flexible enough to handle almost any scheduling requirement. This capability is ideal for recurring weather prediction runs over the same region.


headshot, Chelsea Carlson

Cloudrun's high-resolution weather model data and excellent customer service has helped us better serve our clients, from the US Olympic Sailing Team to weekend sailboat racers. There's nothing on the market quite like it. The site is easy to use and adds a ton of value to our product. Working with Cloudrun has been a no-brainer, and they've been beyond helpful with any questions or customizations I need.

Chelsea Carlson - Weather Coach & Founder, SeaTactics
headshot, Chris Bedford

Our clients require short-fuse, highly-detailed weather forecasts all over the world. Cloudrun allows us to immediately deploy reliable, supported, state-of-the-art, high-resolution weather models and improve our forecasts—regardless of the location.

Christopher Bedford - Chief Meteorologist, Sailing Weather Service.
headshot, Abhishek Gaur

Cloudrun provided Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model-simulated climate data to support NRC's efforts on the development of climate resilient buildings in Canada. Very satisfied with their high quality and professional services.

Abhishek Gaur - Research Officer, National Research Council Canada.